MEGAN CARIGE spent her earlier childhood living in Fiji before her family moved to Toowoomba.  Megan has spent most of her adult life living, working and visiting cities around Australia and the world.

Recently moving back to live in the beautiful Garden City of Toowoomba with her two young sons, gave Megan the inspiration for her first children’s story book, Happy Day Out in Toowoomba.  Megan’s other books, Happy Day Out on the Sunshine Coast  and Happy Day Out in the Outback are now part of the successful Happy Day Out book series.

ILLUSTRATOR: Happy Day Out in Toowoomba 

LAURA MALISHEV currently resides in Geelong but has spent time away living and studying in other parts of Australia. Laura works with children as an oral health therapist, and has always loved painting and drawing.  Happy Day Out in Toowoomba has allowed Laura to indulge her passion of colour, texture & light and bring       Megan’s work to life.  This is Laura’s second children’s book.

ILLUSTRATOR: Happy Day out on the Sunshine Coast & Happy Day Out in the Outback 

HONEY RANDALL is a Queensland girl through and through, and has lived in several locations around the Sunshine State. She enjoys drawing and writing, and works mostly digitally with the occasional piece using traditional pencils and pens. Happy day out on the Sunshine Coast is Honey’s first children’s book and she plans on becoming a full time illustrator.

Find more of her work on Instagram:                          honey_elizabeth_illustration